What are the characteristics of rapid prototyping technology
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   Rapid prototyping technology is an advanced manufacturing technology, it can promote the enterprise product innovation, improve product competitiveness, positive role. This technology has obvious characteristics.
1 Rapid Manufacturing
RP technology is a complicated prototypes or parts manufacturing effective means of concurrent engineering, can make the product design and mold production simultaneously, so as to improve the enterprise efficiency, shorten the product design cycle, reduce the cost and risk of new product development, the overall size is small, especially for the special products.
Integrated 2 CAD/CAM Technology
Design and manufacture of integrated always is a difficulty, computer aided process planning (CAPP) at this stage because can't seamless docking completely with the CAD, CAM, which is restricted to the informatization of manufacturing industry has been one of the difficulties, and rapid prototyping technology integrated with CAD, CAM, laser technology, numerical control technology, chemical engineering, material engineering etc. technology, makes the concept of perfect design and manufacturing integrated implementation.
3 fully reproduce the three-dimensional data
After the rapid prototyping manufacturing finished parts, 3D reconstruction is completely true, regardless of the outer surface of the profiled surface shaped hole or cavity, can design accurate, basically no longer need to use external equipment repair.
4 kinds of molding materials
There are many types of the various types of RP devices on the material, resin, nylon, plastic, wax, paper and metal or ceramic powder, basically meet the requirements of mechanical properties of materials, the vast majority of products.
5 create significant economic benefits
Compared with the traditional machining methods, development cost saving more than 10 times, the same, rapid prototyping technology shortens the product development cycle, which appears in the new product development process is repeated to revise design problem is reduced, but also basically eliminates the modify die problem, create economic benefit is obviously.
6 application fields
   RP after these years of development, technology has been basically formed a system, also can be used in the industry, is gradually expanding, from product design to mold design and manufacturing, material engineering, medical research, culture and art, construction engineering and so on are increasingly using RP technology, RP technology has a wide future.

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