Prototype making the need to pay attention to
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   The front board effect already mentioned, there are also many palm species, according to different requirements, there are different types of hand. Design and fabrication of prototype is very important, if the hand is not qualified, will cause the product is not qualified, so Shouban production very seriously, boards need to pay attention to what matters in the production process?
1 prototype making not only ignored product design, Shouban manufacturing, some users in product development or new product trial, often early attention to the research and development of products, neglect and prototype making unit of communication. Preliminary determination of product design scheme, contact and Shouban manufacturer has two benefits:
A, can guarantee the design products are forming good, not because the material is difficult to machine and modify the design type.
Two, Shouban production can do design prepared in advance, to prevent a ill-conceived, time.
2 select board suppliers, does not necessarily have to choose the price lowest prototype enterprise, the price is too low, it is difficult to guarantee quality, need rework times more, not up to the engineers want to effect, not to mention the verification of product design is reasonable. The most important thing is to choose their own hand suppliers according to its own development orientation of enterprise.
3 high precision hand need processing using high precision CNC machine tool, and the board material, the forming process has strict requirements, the need to use the CAD / CAE / CAM model technology to design, analysis. In the choice of cooperation manufacturers must understand the processing capacity of it, look not only at the hardware equipment, but also with the level of management, processing experience and technical force.
   In a word, to make high quality hand, only the supply and demand sides cooperate closely, to reduce the cost, shorten the cycle of. Don't just look at the price, should consider the quality, cycle, a full range of services.

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